The Click Change Insert Holder is not just another device to hold a carbide insert. It is a productivity tool. Like an electric drill instead of a hand drill, or an air wrench instead of a hand ratchet. It is also designed NOT to wear out. The insert pocket will not distort with use. It will pay for itself over and over again!
US Patent No. 7,153,069
The Click Change Holder will dramatically improve the productivity of machining operations. Operators will be less frustrated, machine uptime will improve, and repair costs will go down. With a conservative savings of two minutes per tool change, the return on investment is measured in weeks. Or in some cases days.
The Click Change Holder has a powerful locking mechanism that does not rely on spring pressure to hold the insert in place. There is an internal drive spring that is used to engage a high angle locking wedge, and it is the wedge that performs the clamping action. Once engaged, the wedge cannot be loosened by any amount of machining force. Only a manual release will free the insert.

Operational Specifications

Clamping at the insert.
Mechanical Locking
Manual force required to release insert clamp.
8-10 Lbs.
Manual force required to engage insert clamp.
3-5 Lbs.
Body material.
S7 Tool Steel
Mechanism component materials.
S7 Tool Steel
All components hardened.
HRC 56-58
Theoretical Drive Spring life.
100,000 cycles
Recommended lubrication interval.
2 years.
Internal adjustments or settings.
Wear components.
Insert thickness tolerance.
+/- .005"
Insert geometry limits.
ANSI Standard.
Cutting Fluid Compatibility
All Known Fluids
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